2022 The Best Road Bicycle Tires Manufacturers in China

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We specialize in the export of all kinds of Chinese tires. Our technical team is directly involved in product development, quality control and on-site management of the production process. We can develop and produce different tires to meet the special needs of our customers. At present, the products have passed ISO9001, ISO / TS16949, CCC, E-MARK, dot, GSO / GCC, SONCAP, Inmetro and NOM certification

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Choosing the best bicycle tires can be a tricky task, but there are several good options to consider. We’ll look at the different brands in this article, including Maxxis, Mavic, and Serfas. In addition to tires, we’ll talk about the company’s carbon fiber frame and wheels, which are TUV certified and UCI-approved. Ultimately, your choice should be based on your budget, but we also recommend avoiding cheap tires.


The brand Serfas is a leading manufacturer of high-quality road bike tires, bags, saddles, and other cycling accessories. The company focuses on design excellence, maximum quality, and reasonable prices. It offers products that are comfortable and ergonomic. It works with high-quality manufacturers to develop innovative products. And the company’s reputation for innovation is well-established. Read on to learn more about why Serfas produces the best road bike tires.

Serfas produces a variety of high-quality road bike tires for both professional and recreational cyclists. Their tires are durable, provide increased tread life, and are affordable. Serfas bikes also provide a high level of durability and protection. These tires can handle high PSIs and TPIs of 120. Other brands that produce quality tires include Mitas, Soma, and Kendatire.

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Kenda tire

The process for manufacturing a high-performance road bicycle tire begins in the tire compounding lab. Here, engineers use advanced testing machines to accurately predict the behavior of rubber compounds. The compounding lab is responsible for selecting the correct type of rubber and combining it with other ingredients to produce optimal performance. Different rubber compounds are susceptible to various effects, and they must be tweaked to optimize the tire’s performance.

While most of the bicycle tire industry manufacturers are located in China, Kenda has two U.S. locations and a test facility in Akron, Ohio. The company’s American Technology Center, which opened in late 2015, helped revitalize the product range. The company’s focus on developing high-quality products has led it to invest heavily in modern facilities to increase their competitive edge.

Founded in 1962, Kenda Tire began as a bicycle tire factory, then expanded to produce all types of tires, including motorcycle and scooter tires. The factory is filled with the sounds of metal, rubber, and bicycle tires, and is an impressive sight to behold. Today, the company has over 10,000 employees and plans to expand operations in China and Taiwan in 2017.


The Mavic factory is a sleepy French town outside of Lyon. There, the company’s aluminum rim-making facility is located. Mavic employs about 400 people worldwide, with about 70 employed in St. Trevier. In fact, over 90% of the company’s rims are produced in St. Trevier, and only 10% is manufactured in Asia. Compared to the competition, the Mavic Yksion Elite tires offer low rolling resistance and poor puncture resistance.

Mavic uses Yksion Pro tyres on the Ksyrium 125 wheel. These tires feature special 125 graphics and Mavic Griplink and Powerlink treads. The Yksion Pro tyre is available in 25mm and 23mm widths and accepts rubber up to size 32c. This tyre is part of the company’s Road UST range.

The 320 TPI casing feels supple and absorbs vibration for a smooth, comfortable ride. The All Weather Silica TriComp compound offers excellent grip levels on road surfaces. The 320 TPI casing provides lots of feedback, allowing cyclists to focus on the ride instead of their tyres. These tires are available in tubes, tubeless, and tubular designs.

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One of the world’s best road bicycle tires manufacturers is Maxxis International. Founded in Taiwan, the company now has offices and operations in China, Canada, the Netherlands, the United States, and Great Britain. The company employs more than 22,000 people worldwide and is the ninth largest manufacturer of tires in the world. In addition to its bicycle tire manufacturing business, Maxxis also produces tires for passenger cars.

The company, formerly known as Cheng Shin Tire, has more than 20,000 employees and has products sold in more than 150 countries. In addition to bicycle tires, Maxxis manufactures a variety of other tire categories, including mountain bike, road bicycle, and skateboard. It also offers tires for competition, trucks, and UHP vehicles. This wide range of products enables the company to cater to a variety of consumer markets.


There are many differences between the best road bicycle tires and those that are designed for mountain biking, namely the durability and grip. Road tyres have to resist punctures and provide comfortable ride on all road surfaces. Riders look for road bike tires that have a balance between grip and durability as well as a lighter weight. However, choosing the right road tyre may be more complicated than you think.

The company is one of the most well-known names in the industry and offers a variety of high-quality tires. Their newest all-around tires feature a dual-compound silica tread. They are also a great choice for road biking, as they are affordable and feature a durable tread that lasts for long rides. Diamondback was founded in 2009, originally licensing the Clement brand name, but later changed its name to Donnelly. Today, they offer high-quality tires for many different types of bikes. Their EVO series of tires feature a low TPI and PSI for increased traction and puncture resistance. If you are interested in high-performance tires, the company also offers folding solutions.

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Taida Tire

Zaozhuang Taida Tire Co., Ltd. specializes in the export of all kinds of Chinese tires. The technical team is directly involved in product development, quality control and on-site management of the production process. We can develop and produce different tires to meet the special needs of our customers. At present, the products have passed ISO9001, ISO / TS16949, CCC, E-MARK, DOT, GSO / GCC, SONCAP, Inmetro and NOM certification. It mainly engaged in bicycle tire,motorcycle tire ,inner and outer tires. The company has 8 prduction lines for inner tube and outer tire for bicycle and motorcycle.They can produce 100,000 inner tube and outer tire for bicycle and motorcycle . Annual output value is 250 million yuan. The production is used in mountain bikes, ordinary bicycle and children’s bicycle, electric bicycle,motorcycle and other fields.


Among the leading tire manufacturers in the world, Vredestein has a home in China. The company’s Fortezza Flower Power tire uses a unique Russian dandelion-based compound. Its other top-of-the-line tires include the Goodyear Eagle All-Season, which has a 50-110 PSI pressure range and is tubeless. Hutchinson makes high-quality tires, including the Fusion 5 Performance series with 127 TPI. Lastly, IRC is known for its folding road bike solutions and offers tires with low-pressure capability.

The Taida tyre is another great option. It can be run tubeless and still have excellent road performance. Its low-pressure performance allows you to lower your pressure without risking flats on potholes. The GTX tyres weigh 358 grams, and they feel like race tyres, but are much more comfortable. Its excellent comfort makes them the ideal choice for long rides.


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