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Zaozhuang Taida Tire Co., Ltd. has more than 30 years of experience and understanding of wheels, tires and peripherals. It provides high-quality product technology with the most advanced technology. The largest R & D center in the industry, through computer-aided design and actual use scenario simulation, has brought excellent products and reliable quality testing. Automatic manufacturing and carefully selected materials are the guarantee of quality consistency, which leads to the lack of after-sales service of dealers. We provide customized professional marketing support for dealers entering the industry, establish sales channels, spread brands, and maximize their profits. English is the language of the company. Every employee in the company is very happy, can chat freely and As a factory certified by TS16949 (auto parts manufacturing standard), we are always willing to accept your consultation, stand by your side and advance with you.

Enterprise Idea

We specialize in the export of all kinds of Chinese tires. Our technical team is directly involved in product development, quality control and on-site management of the production process. We can develop and produce different tires to meet the special needs of our customers. At present, the products have passed ISO9001, ISO / TS16949, CCC, E-MARK, dot, GSO / GCC, SONCAP, Inmetro and NOM certification

“To be a neighbor, always sincere” is the corporate culture of Kate company. Quality and service is the first, honesty “integrity, attentive service” is the value of the company.Sincerity to partners is our eternal goal. Quality is the market vitality of products. It has perfect tire production quality inspection system and advanced testing equipment. We are committed to providing first-class high-quality products. Win win cooperation is the foundation of our success. At the right time, Kate will gradually become our regional partner to protect the brand. With further development, we hope to establish friendly and long-term business relationship with all trades and customers.

If you want to learn about the Chinese electric motorcycle tires market, you can learn more about Scorcher Sport, Qiulong technology, and Zhejiang Guewer Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd. We’ve also covered Qiulong Electric Bicycle Technology. The next time you’re in China, make sure to check out these companies to learn more about their products and technologies. Listed below are a few of these companies.

Scorcher Sport tires

The Michelin – Harley Davidson co-branded Scorcher Sport electric tires enhance the performance of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The tire’s tread pattern and sidewall design are distinctive to Harley-Davidson, which has been working with Michelin engineers for nearly two years. The tires also come with Michelin’s Dual Compound Technology, which delivers excellent wet and dry grip and excellent wear resistance in the center of the tread

The LiveWire’s lightweight cast aluminum frame is key to its precise handling and responsive rear suspension. It also features an adjustable front and rear suspension. Michelin developed the tires, while the other manufacturers provided parts and labor. Both companies’ headquarters are located in China. The Scorcher Sport has a total weight of 288kg. Its front and rear wheels are mounted on a single frame. The scooter features a battery pack that is rechargeable via USB.

As for color options, the Double Star tire manufacturer is considering pink. While they are more expensive than standard black tires, they see plenty of potential in the market. They’ve already announced the price of the pinkie, which is expected to be somewhat higher than the cost of black ones. Given the demand in China, the pink color should prove to be a popular choice. In the meantime, the scooter’s design is largely unaffected.

Michelin has a long-standing relationship with Harley-Davidson and has designed and produced a custom-designed tire for the Pan America(tm) 1250 motorcycle. The company’s X(r) Multi(tm) Energy family gains two new fitments. The company’s commitment to the energy transition has led to the development of two new electric tires: the Scorcher Sport electric tire and the MICHELIN Pilot Sport EV.

Qiulong technology

Chinese companies are catching up with the global market with their high-tech motorcycles. The recent electrification of the automotive industry has slashed the technological gap between Chinese and foreign companies. They have become near-world leaders in the use of intelligent networking technology, allowing them to quickly and efficiently form product forces. These capabilities allow Chinese companies to respond quickly to consumer and market demands, and even spawn new localization brands.

The SUR-RON Power System can be easily fitted to various models, and has a wide range of voltages to suit different types of bikes. This high-speed power system provides smooth accelerating, a big torque, and excellent performance. The motorcycles can be powered by the power of the SUR-RON Power System, which features a system efficiency of over 93%. The technology also boasts a low-maintenance, CAN-compatible communication system.

The Tarform motorcycle has an acoustic aura that makes it an unrivaled experience. The EV drivetrain has 20 parts, compared to over 2,000 in an ICE vehicle. Its maintenance is minimal, and there is no wasted energy. The Founder Edition 2021 is made with 54 one-of-a-kind machines. It costs $2,250 USD and will be ready to ride in a few years.

Despite the price of the MT-03, the specs aren’t quite as impressive as the company originally promised. While the range has been cut from 100 miles to 120 km, the motorcycle still manages to deliver respectable performance. The product’s website lists the top speed as 40 mph, which is still quite fast on a dirt road. The motor power, at 25 kW, is also reduced from a high-performance model.

Jiangsu Lvneng Electrical Bicycle Technology

A Chinese Company, Jiangsu Lvneng Electrical Cycle Technology Co. Ltd., has developed the world’s first electric bicycle. The company is a part of Turbo Technology Inc. (dba Zebra Inc.) and its patents include the electric bicycle. This report will provide you with detailed information about the company, its products and market analysis. It will also provide contact information, including B/Ls and original bill of ladings.

Located in the Economic Development Zone of Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Lvneng Electrical Bike Technology was founded in 1999. The company manufactures electric bikes, scooters and other electric vehicles. It works with Bosch industries to develop and manufacture electric vehicles. It is known for its folding electric bicycles and electric motorcycles. The company is also working on the development of solar electric bikes.


The company has two factories, Changzhou and Tianjin, with an area of more than 220,000 square meters and over 700 employees. The company also has an independent company, Changzhou Sobowo Vehicle, that focuses on producing electric tricycles and bicycles. The company also offers bicycle parts and components for private E-bike labels. It exports its products to more than 50 countries, including Japan and Europe.

Zhejiang Guewer Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd.

There are many electric tires motorcycle manufacturers in China, but which one is right for you? If you’re thinking about purchasing an electric motorcycle, here are the top brands to choose from. They make high-quality tires that are incredibly safe and easy to use. Many of them have been manufacturing tires in China for more than five years, and most of them are backed by impressive warranties. Buying from one of these brands is the best way to ensure your vehicle is as environmentally friendly as possible.

While China’s automobile market has slowed, recent policy changes could make it easier for local manufacturers to increase sales. Despite their country’s slow growth rate, young Chinese consumers are highly tech-savvy and often upgrade their vehicles. They want the latest technology and features when they launch. With all this in mind, China has become one of the largest vehicle markets in the world and many foreign tire manufacturers have been attracted to the market.

One of the best-known brands of electric bikes is Altruism. The light-weight Light Bee has an impressive power output across a wide area, and has a professional tire configuration. It offers plenty of space for customization, which is important to young people who value personality. While the majority of electric motorcycles come with the standard features that you’d expect from a motorcycle, these brands are unique and worth exploring.

To get started with an electric bike in China, look for a high-end brand. Pirelli, a world leader in the manufacturing of tires, is a leader in this market. The company employs more than 31,000 people worldwide and generated 5.2 billion euros in sales last year. To import an electric motorcycle from China, you’ll need to comply with additional rules and regulations. These rules apply to both the vehicle’s performance and aesthetics.

While choosing an electric bike manufacturer in China, make sure the company has a good maintenance and warranty. Electric bikes are often very expensive, so find a supplier with competitive prices and a quality design. Another important factor to consider is the manufacturer’s facility. If the supplier doesn’t have a repair facility, it could cost you a lot of time and money. And, you’ll probably have to buy more than one model of the same style.


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