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Zaozhuang Taida Tire Co., Ltd. has more than 30 years of experience and understanding of wheels, tires and peripherals. It provides high-quality product technology with the most advanced technology. The largest R & D center in the industry, through computer-aided design and actual use scenario simulation, has brought excellent products and reliable quality testing. Automatic manufacturing and carefully selected materials are the guarantee of quality consistency, which leads to the lack of after-sales service of dealers. We provide customized professional marketing support for dealers entering the industry, establish sales channels, spread brands, and maximize their profits. English is the language of the company. Every employee in the company is very happy, can chat freely and As a factory certified by TS16949 (auto parts manufacturing standard), we are always willing to accept your consultation, stand by your side and advance with you.

Enterprise Idea

We specialize in the export of all kinds of Chinese tires. Our technical team is directly involved in product development, quality control and on-site management of the production process. We can develop and produce different tires to meet the special needs of our customers. At present, the products have passed ISO9001, ISO / TS16949, CCC, E-MARK, dot, GSO / GCC, SONCAP, Inmetro and NOM certification

“To be a neighbor, always sincere” is the corporate culture of Kate company. Quality and service is the first, honesty “integrity, attentive service” is the value of the company.Sincerity to partners is our eternal goal. Quality is the market vitality of products. It has perfect tire production quality inspection system and advanced testing equipment. We are committed to providing first-class high-quality products. Win win cooperation is the foundation of our success. At the right time, Kate will gradually become our regional partner to protect the brand. With further development, we hope to establish friendly and long-term business relationship with all trades and customers.


“Against the background of the spread of the epidemic, the obstruction of export trade and the downturn of the domestic semi steel consumption market, while stabilizing the domestic market share, we focus on increasing foreign trade exports and stabilizing the basic sales market. The export value per month is nearly 13 million US dollars.” Said avazou, the company’s deputy general manager of marketing.

Since this year, Taida tire company has timely determined flexible sales strategies, adjusted the structure and direction according to time and situation, and ensured the reasonable proportion of foreign trade and domestic sales. Take “stabilizing stock and accumulating increment” as the main line, implement measures such as “one household, one policy and one single discussion”, do the top-level design of counter trend breakthrough, and draw a “battle map” to win victory. Guided by the market demand, they continuously optimize the product structure and order arrangement plan through monthly overall planning and weekly negotiation, so as to ensure that production and sales, R & D and sales, functional departments and sales always have one goal, one rhythm and one pace.

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